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Our mentors are volunteers that support our students by lending their experience and expertise. We are seeking mentors for our students in the following areas:

  • engineering (any discipline)
  • robotics
  • craftsmanship/artisans
  • medicine
  • electronics / energy
  • agriculture / gardening
  • automotive

Our goal is to build a strong network of experts and connect them with students that might not normally have had opportunities to interact and engage. We want to provide students with hands-on opportunities working with mentors as well as the ability to meet via videoconferencing, as in the “Granny Cloud“.

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We are also in search of small businesses who can not only provide their expertise, but also opportunities for students to gain real-world experience. We strongly believe in the proven model of internships, and the day old system of apprenticeship. By utilizing these types of structures, we believe students will receive a unique experience unparalleled by a traditional school setting. An end goal is for students to not only learn useful skills, but also become familiarized with the spirit of entrepreneurship as well as the challenges that come with being your own boss.

If your small business is looking to outsource small tasks, this is a win-win opportunity. Students are provided with hands-on experience and professional insight and support, while the small business is provided with the labor and work output of an eager and motivated student.

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We are in search of coaches for the following events:

  • First Lego League – 2015 Season ending in January
  • Drones 4 Good – 2016 Fall/Winter Season

Coaches will need to dedicate approximately 5-10 hours per week


* All persons working with our youth participants will be required to do a background check (we have ZERO TOLERANCE for ANY form of crime against children). All persons working with FIRST events will also be required to do a separate background check for FIRST.