Jr. FLL is a FIRST program to introduce younger students to robotic mechanics of movement using simple machines. At the end of the season, students create a model using simple machines and moving parts based on the FIRST challenge along with an informative Show Me Poster. Students work collaboratively on the model and the poster. These will be displayed at an expo at the library in January.
This year, we will have ONE team of 6-8 students participate with the FIRST challenge. The other students can build a model as well, but are not obligated to create a poster or model specific to the challenge. These models will also be displayed at the expo. 

What We Do

  • Since we often have late arrivals, the first portion of our meeting will be devoted to free building. Students can create whatever is in their imagination. This builds teamwork as students need to share parts and work together to create a uniform idea.

  • After free build, students are selected to describe their creation. This builds communication skills by helping students learn to convey their thoughts and ideas. This is good for language development as well as good practice in talking with judges at the expo.

  • Students learn the 6 simple machines and practice various ways to build and utilize them using Legos.

  • Online meetings consist of more challenging builds with movement. Students also delve into programming using the free WeDo software. Online meetings are required for students who want to participate with the FIRST team.


I will use Bloomz App to communicate with parents, share photos, etc.  
Access Code : ZVV9V5

How Do I Join the Team?

Team Members will be chosen based on 
  • attendance in online meetings
  • understanding of simple machines
  • participation in research

Online Class

When & Where?

We meet from 2-4pm at Stonecrest Library
Sept 8 & 15 
Oct 6 & TBA
Nov 3
Dec 1 & 8

Stonecrest Library



Kit Options
Child’s Name
Contact Email


The newest motors
  • Can be used with 2.0 software
  • Will give automated movement
  • Can add sensors on
  • Expensive
  • Needs separate USB hub for power

2.0 Motor USB Hub Tilt Sensor Motion Sensor


We are using Lego WeDo Curriculum and Software. This is a free download for you on your home computer, tablet or iPad. Students joining our online sessions will need to download and install this software at home.

Hour of Code –  This is a week long event where you allow your children one hour a day learning about coding. Turn the screens to something that will put those techie brains to work!  Here  you will find several programming tutorials in delivered in game form or other ways that make it fun for kids.

Scratch – An alternative coding program for little people. Find tutorials and help here.